Award-Winning Web Sites

Our website is the one place we can openly boast about what we do. So here goes...


W3 Award for Blender Bottle Website

Fifty Studio wins W3 award for Blender Bottle

We launched the Blender Bottle site in November of 2008, just in time for the holiday selling season. The design was meant to incorporate a healthy, active feel and a custom designed shopping cart included a system for allowing recipes to be submitted by visitors and managed by admin users on the site.

W3 Award for Landesk Asset Lifecycle Manager Flash Work

Fifty Studio wins W3 award for ASset Lifecycle Manager

What do you do when you have a product that no one else in the industry has? You find the most unique way to market it possible. Every business asset has a lifecycle, so why not brand the marketing like the game of Life? The flash presentation stepped IT professionals through the most important points of the ALM software, helping them educate potential customers on this amazing new product.

WW3 Award for Parents Empowered

Every award winning public service program needs an award winning website to go with it. Unfortunately, Parents Empowered was suffering with an outdated site. The new design not only refreshed their online presence, but a custom content management system was created to allow them to manage articles, news, videos, advertising spots, and a unique risk calculator to help parents determine how to better interact with their children.


W3 Award for Fezzari Website

Fezzari isn't like other bike companies. Their unique selling model, bypassing the middle man and selling direct to customers, allows them to offer a better product for less than anyone else. So it made sense that their site had be unique, too. We created a custom cart with a unique recommendation engine that recommends accessories based on the bike in a visitor's cart, and then adds new recommendations as users add them to their purchase.